My Forever Family

Over the four years of high school I have meet so many people. People who will stick with me forever and become family or the people who have only be in my chapter for a few seconds. The people who I can always count on I have the best memories with. The ones that have became family is Grace(G), Kailee, Steph, Pops, Hermes, Madison, and Ella.

Freshman year when I first started band I meet G and at that time I didn’t really care about anyone or anything. Then came the end of freshman year to sophomore year G had brought some light into me and I started to care for some people, we would laugh all the time mostly at all the weird things. I started to notice that the people who truly care about you stay with you for the worst parts and the greatest parts of your life and just just the good parts. G has really help me with opening up to new people but not getting to attached right away. I love G and I know that she in college now but I still get to see her sometimes. I wish freshman year that I had not missed many things because so I would of  got to known her better and maybe when she gave me my candle I would of cried.

Most people know her as the sunshine of the band or of the whole school. Kailee has this good pride in her that I have never seen in anyone. Last year the football team was really band we ended the season being 1-9. But at all the games Kailee would just be ” Let’s go heights” or ” I know yall can do it, you just got to get it together”. We would be doing this cheer that every school does saying that the school is number one but everyone would be like number two since we had lost like so many games. When i’m with Kailee its like I can’t stop smiling. But recently she had moved and we haven’t seen her often so I feel like everyone in the band including me has changed into this dark depression like yeah we laugh sometimes but it’s not the same.

I’m over at her house all the time. Over the four years we have done some many things like going to the fair, prom or homecoming dress shopping or just hanging out and talking. We would talk about everything. Like explain the problems/issues we had or if we had some boy crushes. while at her house her madre is like my other mother because she just knows what to say when you have any issue. Most of the times when we are out people think that she is our age but when we tell them that she is not they get so shocked. Her brother Henry is also fun to hang around because he always gets you to laugh all the time but he is also so easy to make fun of. We all call him pops because he is such an old person he wears just dark color clothes like grey and black and he walks soooooo slow and gets cold very easily.

These people are my family from another mother. They have helped me soooo much I love them soooo much. I’ll miss them when they do there own things like G has already left for college and I don’t see her as much and I miss her but I remember all the fun things we have done and the memories are what count. Sometimes in band I think back to when all of use were in band and some days I think to myself like why isn’t G, Henry, and Kailee not here today and then I remember that they left and graduated.




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