Who Am I Now?

Hello my name is Alexis. But most people call me Lexie. I’m a junior at Franklin Heights, I’m still in the band playing my flute. Band has become more stressful because when the freshmen come in each year they just get more annoying. But the most part I send my time with the people I meet in band. Like I meet Emi and Kailee my sophomore year and i’m glad I did. Emi is a quiet person most the time but once in awhile we end up laughing because of other people in the band. Kailee is the opposite of that. she is loud and energetic. At football games she always yelling ¨lets go team, you can do this¨. But our football team isn’t that good we lost 9 games this year. But I also have my other friends that are  in my class which are Wilmer, Steph, Cicely,Taelor,and Kyra. They are are all cool a lot of times we would have like a party over at steph’s and we would stay up till 5 am playing card games or board games. But Im glad I have all these people in my life, they make everything better.

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