Sophomore Year !!!!

This past year I ended sophomore year and became a Jr. I remember that just a few seconds ago that I was Freshman. But man these past few years of high school has went by so fast I still can’t believe that i’m almost a senior. Also in the first few years I meet new friends but had to let go of old friends. I’m still in the marching band for franklin height so each year I have to meet new people but also have to say goodbye to other people. At the beginning of the sophomore year I meet Kailee and ever since we have been good friends. We have been to the movies to see Wonder and Smallfoot. We would laugh at the movies but sometimes we would cry because of the sad parts. We also have gone to soooo many band parties and had some good times either getting into Monica’s or Jordan`s pool but we also played some really fun games with other awesome people. Lastly, we have had gone and work some really cool event with the band and we would have lots of fun with Wilmer, Hermes, Emi, and Trinity. I remember working a winter guard show with stephanie and there was this taco truck there and we were debating all day if we should try it and once we did we thought it was very nasty. The rice was really hard and they had added a whole bunch of it and they barely added any meat in it. So together we ate about 1/3 of it and gave the rest to someone else who would eat it. Or I remember working the craft show with Wilmer and stephanie and I worked admission for the whole day and the only I bought there was a raffle for the stuff the vendors bring up and I had won this really cool blanket that someone hand knitted. But other than that I thought sophmore year was hard for the classes but it was also fun because I spent it with all my friends.

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