Class of 2021

Dear freshman of class of 2021,

This year you will be a freshman some of you will like this year and the others will not. But this year you are going to have to do a lot of work. Some of you are going to want to slack off and not doing anything for the year but you don’t want to do that because then you will get behind and not graduate will the class you are supposed to graduate with because will have to repeat your freshman year and then you will be class of 2022. So I say do your work and if this year if you have Mrs. Furlong study for them prefixes or you’re going to regret not studying for them you will fail her class. Also, if you do your work and get good grades sometimes if you make honor roll at lunch they give out cake. Make sure you do your homework and study hard for them quizzes and if you do that you will have a great freshman year and you will pass.

from you friend,



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