My Forever Family

Over the four years of high school I have meet so many people. People who will stick with me forever and become family or the people who have only be in my chapter for a few seconds. The people who I can always count on I have the best memories with. The ones that have became family is Grace(G), Kailee, Steph, Pops, Hermes, Madison, and Ella.

Freshman year when I first started band I meet G and at that time I didn’t really care about anyone or anything. Then came the end of freshman year to sophomore year G had brought some light into me and I started to care for some people, we would laugh all the time mostly at all the weird things. I started to notice that the people who truly care about you stay with you for the worst parts and the greatest parts of your life and just just the good parts. G has really help me with opening up to new people but not getting to attached right away. I love G and I know that she in college now but I still get to see her sometimes. I wish freshman year that I had not missed many things because so I would of  got to known her better and maybe when she gave me my candle I would of cried.

Most people know her as the sunshine of the band or of the whole school. Kailee has this good pride in her that I have never seen in anyone. Last year the football team was really band we ended the season being 1-9. But at all the games Kailee would just be ” Let’s go heights” or ” I know yall can do it, you just got to get it together”. We would be doing this cheer that every school does saying that the school is number one but everyone would be like number two since we had lost like so many games. When i’m with Kailee its like I can’t stop smiling. But recently she had moved and we haven’t seen her often so I feel like everyone in the band including me has changed into this dark depression like yeah we laugh sometimes but it’s not the same.

I’m over at her house all the time. Over the four years we have done some many things like going to the fair, prom or homecoming dress shopping or just hanging out and talking. We would talk about everything. Like explain the problems/issues we had or if we had some boy crushes. while at her house her madre is like my other mother because she just knows what to say when you have any issue. Most of the times when we are out people think that she is our age but when we tell them that she is not they get so shocked. Her brother Henry is also fun to hang around because he always gets you to laugh all the time but he is also so easy to make fun of. We all call him pops because he is such an old person he wears just dark color clothes like grey and black and he walks soooooo slow and gets cold very easily.

These people are my family from another mother. They have helped me soooo much I love them soooo much. I’ll miss them when they do there own things like G has already left for college and I don’t see her as much and I miss her but I remember all the fun things we have done and the memories are what count. Sometimes in band I think back to when all of use were in band and some days I think to myself like why isn’t G, Henry, and Kailee not here today and then I remember that they left and graduated.





People who are not in band think that band is all about the music and that only the geeks are in band. But the people who are in band but quit also say that band is bad and wanted to kill themselves the whole time or it’s a lot of work and progress for them to handle. Yeah I agree with the last part it is a lot but it’s only a lot if you don’t know what you are doing or your not seeing the fun times you can have if you put in the progress. Band for me sometimes is boring but that only when it is not marching band season.  when it is marching band season we do all these fun things; we have band parties, we see each other A LOT, we have fun at practice with squirt gun and play pranks on the freshman and under class men at band camp. and then before football games we go out and get something to eat or we just hang and laugh. But together band is a good thing for people to interact with new people and to have good times with your friends. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t sign up for band. It has changed me in soooo many ways.  The band just went on a trip to Gatlinburg and we all had the greatest times of our lives and we got to miss two days of school. In the beginning I didn’t think that I would have anyone that I would become friends with but that changed I meet Henry, Grace, Kacie, Kailee, I even reckoned with old friends like stephanie, Wilmer, Amari, Taelor, and Cicely. Henry and Grace are about to leave since they are seniors. I’m really going to miss them but now its my turn to be the leader for the section and to be a senior. I hope I do them proud.

Who Am I Now?

Hello my name is Alexis. But most people call me Lexie. I’m a junior at Franklin Heights, I’m still in the band playing my flute. Band has become more stressful because when the freshmen come in each year they just get more annoying. But the most part I send my time with the people I meet in band. Like I meet Emi and Kailee my sophomore year and i’m glad I did. Emi is a quiet person most the time but once in awhile we end up laughing because of other people in the band. Kailee is the opposite of that. she is loud and energetic. At football games she always yelling ¨lets go team, you can do this¨. But our football team isn’t that good we lost 9 games this year. But I also have my other friends that are  in my class which are Wilmer, Steph, Cicely,Taelor,and Kyra. They are are all cool a lot of times we would have like a party over at steph’s and we would stay up till 5 am playing card games or board games. But Im glad I have all these people in my life, they make everything better.

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Sophomore Year !!!!

This past year I ended sophomore year and became a Jr. I remember that just a few seconds ago that I was Freshman. But man these past few years of high school has went by so fast I still can’t believe that i’m almost a senior. Also in the first few years I meet new friends but had to let go of old friends. I’m still in the marching band for franklin height so each year I have to meet new people but also have to say goodbye to other people. At the beginning of the sophomore year I meet Kailee and ever since we have been good friends. We have been to the movies to see Wonder and Smallfoot. We would laugh at the movies but sometimes we would cry because of the sad parts. We also have gone to soooo many band parties and had some good times either getting into Monica’s or Jordan`s pool but we also played some really fun games with other awesome people. Lastly, we have had gone and work some really cool event with the band and we would have lots of fun with Wilmer, Hermes, Emi, and Trinity. I remember working a winter guard show with stephanie and there was this taco truck there and we were debating all day if we should try it and once we did we thought it was very nasty. The rice was really hard and they had added a whole bunch of it and they barely added any meat in it. So together we ate about 1/3 of it and gave the rest to someone else who would eat it. Or I remember working the craft show with Wilmer and stephanie and I worked admission for the whole day and the only I bought there was a raffle for the stuff the vendors bring up and I had won this really cool blanket that someone hand knitted. But other than that I thought sophmore year was hard for the classes but it was also fun because I spent it with all my friends.

Class of 2021

Dear freshman of class of 2021,

This year you will be a freshman some of you will like this year and the others will not. But this year you are going to have to do a lot of work. Some of you are going to want to slack off and not doing anything for the year but you don’t want to do that because then you will get behind and not graduate will the class you are supposed to graduate with because will have to repeat your freshman year and then you will be class of 2022. So I say do your work and if this year if you have Mrs. Furlong study for them prefixes or you’re going to regret not studying for them you will fail her class. Also, if you do your work and get good grades sometimes if you make honor roll at lunch they give out cake. Make sure you do your homework and study hard for them quizzes and if you do that you will have a great freshman year and you will pass.

from you friend,



Catalog Poem

Everyone is here

They came to see the parade

The streets are packed

There are no lights shining

It’s dark

It’s cold

Kids running everywhere

Parents trying to get warm

Everyone is here


Freshman Year

So far freshman year has been easy but it not over yet I still have one month left of being a freshman! In the begin of freshman year I thought it was going to be hard, there was going to be a lot of homework, and that my grades weren’t going to be as good as they are now. But now knowing that it almost over that I am going to be a sophomore in a month I think that’s crazy, this year has gone by so fast.

freshman year has been amazing and crazy at the same time. Like for example, biology has been crazy with my teacher breaking her arm and how we were behind and we had to rush a lot of stuff in a few weeks  for our air test. If I think about it that was the only hard thing that I have faced this year in all of my classes.

Now the summer is coming closer and we only have a month left of school I am going to work hard and focus that I finish strong and that I don`t fail any of my end of year exams so I can pass. Also since it the end of my freshman year I am looking forward to the summer and doing fun things like I did this year to continue on to next year.


My Life

I am the middle child of 4. My parents were married but then the got divorced when I was 7. Now that I am 15 they live in separate homes but most times I am at my dad’s house until he has to go to work at 4:45. On my dad’s side of his family he has 2 brothers brian and Kevin. Kevin has 2 kids and is married to my mother sister Edna. We go over to their house a lot and if we aren’t at their house we are at a tournament for grace, she plays volleyball for the London Elite and she goes to different places in Ohio for her tournaments. My other uncle brain has one kid but we don’t see him very often as grace or Ethan. On my mom side she has a lot of siblings. we only see a few since some of them live in a different state but recently her cousin had a baby named kyson. On the holidays we all go over to my aunt Kathy’s house but we call her Nannie. When we are over for Christmas we play a game call elephant and what we do is we have number we pick a gift but if someone wants our gift we have to give them it and we get their gift. On other holidays we just hang out and have family time and we play board games. Our favorite games to play would be uno. We get very pedative over that game.


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